Optical Delay Line

Technology benefits

Programmable Ku- band Optical Delay Line for RF and Microwave applications uses low loss optical fiber with specific delay, based on the length of the optical fiber selected. The time delay is achieved by selectively routing the optical signal through a set of fiber segments with required length. The 19”rack mountable module provides digitally variable time delay from 5ns to 1500ns with a step size of 5ns.

Optical fiber based delay system offers superior performance for radar testing, simulation, signal processing and phased array antennas. In a fiber optic delay line system, an optical transmitter converts the RF signal to an optical modulated signal in the form of time varying laser light intensity which is transmitted over a selected optical fiber segments, causing propagation delay. Length of the fiber is switched depending on the delay required as per the block diagram given. At the other end of the fiber, an optical receiver detects the delayed optical signal and converts it back to RF signal and amplifies it to the required power level.


  • Time Delay with step size of 5 ns : 5ns– 1500ns
  • Frequency Range: 12 - 17 GHz.