Optical Attenuator

The word Attenuation is ubiquitous in the field of communication and specially using fiber technology. The optical signals need to be attenuated in a link so that the total loss of the link is within the link budget calculation. The required attenuation may vary from one link to other that needs to be set on fly. This Variable Optical Attenuator becomes handy in such situations wherein the user can change the attenuation of the link over a wide range just by click of a button. This is based on the MEMs technology, wherein the attenuation is controlled using an electrical signal thus giving a very accurate and repeatable attenuation settings. The unit is calibrated at four wavelengths that are most commonly used in Telecom. Provision for PC interface to set the desired attenuation or monitor remotely.

  • Provided with 7-segment display having wide viewing angle.
  • Keypad with soft touch keys for smoother operation and longer life.
  • The unit can be operated with internal battery or ac adapter.
  • The charging circuit is provided within the instrument along with charging indication.
  • Power consumption is low thus ensuring long battery life.
  • Operating over a wide attenuation range of 60 dB.
  • Auto Off of the unit for power saving and long battery life.
  • PC interface via RS232 for control & monitoring.