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Optiwave launches FTTH solutions for Video Overlay. Products showcased are Optical Amplifiers and Optical Transmitters at Convergence 2010

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Radio Over Fiber

Optical Transmitter(TX) will convert the RF signals into Optical Signal.The optical Transmitter works on the principle of direct modulation. A typical link consists of an optical transmitter that receives the RF signal, transmits it over a single mode fiber to an optical receiver and reconverts the optical signal to RF. This Radio over Fiber Modules is suitable for Telecommunications, Antenna Remoting, Optical Delay lines & Radar Applications. These modules can be used as Optical Distributed Systems in Radar application. By using these modules communications can be established from meters to few Kilo meters long Distances. Transceiver modules have small form factor therefore they are easily accommodated in less space.

High Dynamic Range
Low Noise DFB Laser
ITU CWDM Compatible
LD / PD Monitoring

Wideband RF Transmission
Antenna Remoting
Delay Lines
GPS Over Fiber
Radio Over Fiber (Tx-Rx) Link
Parameters Value & Units
Frequency Range 950-2150 MHz
Frequency Flatness ±(950-2150)dB
Dynamic Range -90 to 15 dBm
RF Link Gain +9 dB
Input IP-3(min) +11 dBm
Output IP-3(min) +10 dBm
CNR -58 dB
Gain Stability 0.25 over 25 hours
SFDR -75 dB/Hz 2/3
Noise Figure (Max) ≤19dB
Maximum Input Power +0 (or better) dBm
Input P1 -15 dBm
Impedance 50 Ohm
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Optical Specifications
Laser Diode Type Class1, Un cooled MQW DWF
Operating Wavelength 1310±nm
Modulation Type Direct
Optical Power Output 4.5dBm
F/O Diff EFF(Min) 0.07 W/a
Allowed back reflection 35dB
Optical Interface FC / APC
General Specifications
Supply Voltage 12 v
Supply Current 300 mA
RF Input & Output Connector SMA (F)
Optical Connector FC/APC
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 °C
Mechanical Dimensions
Transmitter 95(L)x88(W)x25(H)
Receiver 110(L)x72.2(W)x25(H)
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