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Optiwave launches FTTH solutions for Video Overlay. Products showcased are Optical Amplifiers and Optical Transmitters at Convergence 2010

Convergence India – 2010, New Delhi
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Optical Amplifier

The Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) has generated a lot of interest in both optical communication industry and research community because of their inherent ability to directly amplify signals in the optical domain. Optiwave has developed one such optical amplifier based on EDF. These amplifiers are available in different models to suit the customer's specific requirements. The unit is available in three different versions viz., 1U Rack mountable that can be easily fixed in any standard 19" racks, Gain block (MSA) that can be used as a bench-top model and Pump driver provided with only the pump drive electronics.

The required model can be selected based on customer requirement.
The small signal gain can be up to +35 dB.
The available output powers are from +10 to +23 dBm.
Provision for co-propagating and counter-propagating of pump power.
The unit is provided with RS232 interface, LAN interface along with SNMP capabilities.
The user can set the required output power or define the pump laser drive conditions.
The unit is provided with redundant power supply, AC mains (90 to 250 V, 50 ± 2 Hz) or -48 ± 4 V or +5V.

Network signal booster
SDH/SONET systems
R&D applications
OEM application
Parameter AMP 901 AMP 905
Amplifier Type Booster
Operational Band C - Band
Mode of Operation ACC / APC / AGC
No. of Channels One
Input Signal Power
(Pin) (dBm)
- 25 to - 5
Total Output Power @
Pin = - 25dBm (dBm)
+ 10
Total Output Power @
Pin = - 5dBm (dBm)
+ 15
Small Signal Gain (dB) + 35
Noise Figure (dB) ≤ 5
Polarization Dependent
Loss (dB)
Polarization Mode
Dispersion (ps)
Power Supply  
90 to 250 V AC 
or - 48 V dc
+ 5 V, 2 A
Optical Connectors LC-PC or user defined LC-PC or user defined
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