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Laser Controllers

The demand for laser drivers has been rising upwards with time. This has resulted in a variety of laser controllers being developed. Thus the user has the option of selecting the laser controller that best suits their requirement.
The controllers are available for CW or pulsed operation with very high currents.

Highly stable.
Compact design.
User friendly.
Modular designs compatible with our AOTS 5000 series.
Laser safety features like slow turn On & Off, soft start are built-in.
Available in different versions like PCB module, Bench top or 19" Rack Module.
There is provision for RS-232 interface for monitoring & control of different parameters.

OEM applications
R&D applications
Driving laser bars & arrays
Specifications - Continuous Wave
Laser Driver - Parameter Unit Specifications
Output Current A 0.5 1 5 10
Compliance Voltage V   4    
Short Term Stability   0.01% 0.10%
Long Term Stability   0.05% 0.5%
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Laser Measurement - Parameter Unit Specifications
Output Current Resolution mA 0.01 0.1 1 1
Forward Voltage Resolution mV 1 10    
Photodiode Current Resolution µA   1   0.10%
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Driver Type - Parameter Unit Specifications
PCB Module   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bench Top   Yes Yes Yes Yes
19” Rack Mountable   Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Specifications - Pulsed
Parameter Unit Si
Pulse Width µsec 1-15
Peak Current A 1-15
Pulse Repetition Frequency Hz 1-1000
Maximum Voltage Discharge V 25
Pulse Shape   Gaussian / Rectangular
Output Monitor   BNC Connector with 50 Ω impedance
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